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On-site training workshops for regional trainers on the organization and administration of elections




On May 29 and 30 of the current year, 104 national trainers conducted two-day training workshops for 944 regional trainers in all regions of our country on the basis of the “Concept of Organizing Advanced Training for Members of Commissions for Pre-term Presidential Elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan” approved by Resolution No. 1261 of May 19, 2023 of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Organizing Advanced Training for Members of Election Commissions for the Pre-term Presidential Elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In order to organize and conduct the trainings at a high level, the participants were divided into groups of 20-22 people each. The schedule for the trainings was developed and approved by the national working group.

It should be noted that the national trainers, together with the regional working groups, were responsible for the high quality organization and delivery of the trainings in full compliance with the approved schedule.

For the organization and implementation of training courses to improve the qualifications of members of election commissions at a high level, in accordance with the curriculum, highly qualified experts among the professors of the Academy of Public Administration, Tashkent State University of Law, Law Enforcement Academy and University of Public Security have prepared teaching materials - texts, test questions, tests, presentations, infographics and video lessons - on which the sessions are based.

During the training workshops, qualified experts conduct interactive sessions based on the Electoral Legislation and Practice Manual on the following topics: “Legal Acts on Presidential Elections, Election Commissions and Their Powers”; “Working with Electoral Lists”; “Equipping the Buildings of Precinct Election Commissions and Organizing Early Voting”; “Activity of Precinct Election Commissions for Presidential Elections on Election Day”; “Counting Votes in Polling Stations and Determining Results”; and “Cooperation of the Precinct Election Commission for Presidential Elections with Participants in the Electoral Process (Media, Observers, Representatives of Authorities Responsible for Ensuring Public Order)”.

The goal of the workshops was to improve the capacity of members of election commissions and other organizers to apply international electoral standards and national legislation in organizing and conducting high-level elections, as well as to strengthen their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Tests were organized at the end of the two-day seminars to check the knowledge and skills of the participants.

The next round of training workshops will be conducted this year from June 2 to 13 by 944 regional trainers under the supervision of national trainers this year from June 2-13 in polling stations in district and city centers for about 33,000 members of Precinct Election Commissions (chairpersons of Precinct Election Commissions, their deputies and secretaries). 

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