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The Chairperson of the Central Election Commission was briefed on the training of Precinct Election Commissioners in the Ferghana region




On June 7 of this year, the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission, Z. Nizamkhodjaev, visited the districts of Dangara, Buwayda, Altyaryk, and the cities of Margilan and Kokand in the Fergana region and learned about the training process for the members of the Precinct Election Commissions for the early presidential elections in Uzbekistan.

During the dialogue with the participants of the trainings, the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission emphasized their importance for the organization of the early presidential elections in the Republic of Uzbekistan at a high level, based on generally accepted international principles and the best experience at home and abroad.

The CEC Chairperson also commented on the correction of errors and deficiencies in the operation of Precinct Commissions during the elections and the referendum, the qualitative mastery of the training material and the strict implementation of the requirements of the electoral legislation.

During the visit, the Chairperson of the CEC inspected the buildings of the polling stations established in the region and familiarized himself with the conditions for voters, PEC members, specialists of the Information Management System of the Electoral Process and observers.

In accordance with the Concept for Organizing the Professional Development of the Commission Members for the Early Presidential Elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the national trainers of the University for Public Security in the Ferghana region effectively carried out their work.

Under the supervision of these national trainers, regional trainers organize trainings through interactive lectures, simulations of the electoral process, screening of video clips, and discussions.

Trainings for 3,599 chairpersons, deputies and secretaries of Precinct Election Commissions in all cities and districts of Fergana region are conducted by regional trainers according to a strictly set schedule, and by June 6, 2,048 participants have improved their qualifications.

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