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Signature lists submitted by political parties in support of presidential candidates




According to the Election Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a presidential candidate is registered by the Central Election Commission. In this regard, a political party submits to the CEC an application for registration of a presidential candidate.

In accordance with the Election Code and the Calendar Plan of the early presidential election, approved by the Central Election Commission, the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Adolat and the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen - Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan applied to the CEC on May 31 this year for registration of the presidential candidates nominated by these parties and submitted the relevant documents.

The CEC, on May 24 of this year, established expert groups to verify the accuracy of the signature lists submitted by political parties.

These expert groups, in strict compliance with the Election Code and the regulation on the collection of signatures in support of nominated candidates for the post of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and verification of the correctness of the prepared signature lists approved by the Resolution of the CEC No. 1067 dated April 14, 2021, have started verification of the correctness of the signature lists in support of the candidates submitted by the political parties.

The working group of the CEC, along with expert groups, examines all documents submitted by political parties based on the legal provisions. If the submitted documents, including the signature lists in support of the candidates, meet the legal requirements, the CEC decides on the registration of the candidates proposed by the political parties for the post of President of Uzbekistan.

According to the Calendar Plan, the deadline for submission of the documents to the CEC regarding the registration of presidential candidates until June 2, 2023.

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