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Information on the meeting of the Central Election Commission




A regular meeting of the Central Election Commission was held on June 5 of this year. According to the agenda, issues related to the adoption of the regulations on the Rayon, the City Election Commission, the District Election Commission, the Precinct Election Commission and the procedure for the establishment of electoral districts and precincts were discussed.


When reviewing the regulations on the Rayon Election Commissions, City Election Commissions, District Election Commissions and Precinct Election Commissions, the members of the CEC discussed issues such as the establishment of the respective lower-level election commissions, the requirements for their members, the powers of the commissions and the organization of their work. The CEC passed resolutions approving these regulations.


In accordance with the Regulations on the Procedure for the Establishment of Electoral Districts and Electoral Precincts, a number of norms have been set out on the formation of electoral districts for the election of deputies to the Legislative Chamber, regional, rayon and city Councils (Kengashes) of People's Deputies and on the formation of Electoral Precincts, including Electoral Precincts at diplomatic and other missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad. Based on the results of the discussion, the Regulations were approved by a corresponding decision of the Central Election Commission.


Other items on the agenda were also discussed at the meeting and corresponding decisions were made.


Central Election Commission Press Service

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