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Information on the regular meeting of the Central Election Commission




The meeting dealt with the issue of accreditation of representatives of the mass media.

Based on the applications received by the Central Election Commission, 54 representatives of 6 local mass media were accredited.

It should be noted that media accreditation is carried out in accordance with the Election Code, as well as the Regulation on the Accreditation Procedure for Media Representatives during the Election Campaign, approved by Resolution No. 952 of the Central Election Commission of October 5, 2019.

In accordance with the Regulations, media representatives shall be accredited for the purpose of wide, quick and free dissemination of objective information during the election campaign and for organizing their activities in accordance with the procedure prescribed by Uzbek law. The term of office of media representatives shall begin on the date of receiving their accreditation certificate and end on the date of official announcement of election results on the basis of the schedule approved by the Central Election Commission.

It is established that the media may apply to the Central Election Commission for accreditation of their representatives starting from May 20 and no later than ten days before the elections.

Accredited media representatives shall have the right to report on all activities related to the preparation and holding of elections, to attend meetings of election commissions, candidate nomination meetings, meetings of candidates with voters, early voting and to observe this process, to be present in the voting rooms on election day, including during the counting of votes, to take photographs, video and audio recordings without violating the electoral process and the secrecy of the ballot.

In addition, media representatives must comply with the Constitution of Uzbekistan, the Election Code, and the resolutions of the Central Election Commission, and when visiting election commissions, public administration bodies, and other state institutions, they must carry their identification cards and documents with them and show them upon request of officials.

If a media representative violates the requirements of the Election Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the provisions of these Regulations, his/her powers may be terminated prematurely.

The Central Election Commission continues to receive requests for accreditation from various media outlets. These applications are thoroughly examined by the Press Service of the Central Election Commission. If the submitted documents do not show any circumstances that prevent accreditation and if they are submitted in the prescribed manner, the media representative shall be accredited by decision of the Central Election Commission.


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