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The change of seasons, the harsh winter giving way to spring, the emergence of taft in the fields that have been dormant all winter, and the gradual sprouting of sown seeds are based on natural balance. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole life of a person finds its expression in this balance. There is a divine balance between water and land, day and night, mountains and plains. Nowruz, which comes once a year, is at the beginning of it.

Nowruz balance applies not only to the material world, but also to our spiritual life, our words and deeds, our sleep and wakefulness. All things created by the owner of power must be kept in their status and standard. During his life, a person makes great inventions, creates material wealth, decorates the world, decorates himself, and enjoys the things he has created. He tries to make his children live better. But this action does not mean interfering with Mother Nature's work inappropriately, selfishly, for the sake of narrow interests, placing artificial barriers on roads and rivers. As they say, a flowing river will not stop flowing, nature will still pass its judgment and restore its balance. We know very well how such interventions in the recent past have led to sad consequences in the case of the Aral Sea.

Balance applies not only to nature, but also to humans. Every person needs to be accountable to himself in every situation, to examine himself, to recognize that there are others like him, that they also have the inner sense of "I" and that they have the right to enjoy and use the pleasures of this world. If everyone is in their own way, thinking only about themselves, not running in different directions, putting their hands on each other's shoulders, living in a huge ring, if they are aware of each other, if they understand each other, then only then will the world be the world, the balance will not deviate to one side. Only in this way the world will be mundane, living will be enjoyable, living, creating and renewing will have a logical meaning.

Material and spiritual crises can be overcome with this unity, harmony and noble human qualities. The global disaster of the coronavirus pandemic, which has been going on for the last three years, has shaken the entire humanity. If we say that such a huge catastrophe has not happened on a global scale in the last hundred years, we will be telling the truth.

Today, many developed countries of the world are suffering from economic recession. Due to the reduction of jobs, the scale of production, and the volume of the gross domestic product, serious problems arise in the lives of ordinary workers. This problem can also be solved together. Only then will the world become a cradle of happiness. The world itself rests in such a cradle...

These feelings cross my mind every time Navruz knocks on the door. I feel that there is a great responsibility on the shoulders of this great equalization. Nowruz is not only a spring mood, rejoicings, delicious food, and hair buns for little girls, it is also a new hope, a new plan, a new cleansing period in our psyche. Nowruz is a sign that the light of life does not go out, that while mother earth rotates in the bosom of the great sky, Grandfather Sun shines forever.

In Nowruz, this wise world is covered in a dress of beauty, nature wakes up, our feelings are awakened and clarified, streets and yards are put in order. The fields of crops mature and multiply. The symphony of birds, the songs of my love, will reach the climax. During these times, we become very kind and close to each other. We hug each other with good intentions. Gina-kuduras are forgotten, the windows of the rooms, which have been closed all winter, are opened, and fresh air flows into our bodies. Sumac boils in a pot. Grown-up girls and brides dance around the cauldron, joining the blessed mothers. These luminaries move to the human heart, and purification takes place in the gardens of the heart.

There is a lot to say about how to welcome Nowruz, how to prepare ourselves for this blessed day. At the suggestion of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, this year  was named "The year of honoring human dignity and active neighborhood"  . In this regard, the State program developed and approved:

building a people-friendly state by increasing human dignity and further developing a free civil society;

making the principles of justice and the rule of law the most basic and necessary condition for development in our country;

rapid development of the national economy and ensuring high growth rates;

conducting a fair social policy, developing human capital;

ensuring spiritual development and bringing the industry to a new level;

approach universal problems based on national interests;

strengthening the security and defense potential of our country, conducting an open, pragmatic and active foreign policy were set as priorities.

In this regard, strengthening the family in all aspects, strengthening the care provided by the state and society in this regard, further improving the system of family health, motherhood and childhood protection, raising a physically healthy, spiritually mature and well-rounded generation, strengthening the institution of the family in our country, neighborhood special importance was attached to raising the status and educating the growing young generation as worthy successors of the great ancestors. It should be noted here that at the time of the ongoing economic crisis in the world, supporting the family, which is the main unit of society in our country, especially young families in need of social assistance, reducing poverty, creating new jobs,

Yesterday, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev acknowledged in his speech at the meeting with representatives of the health sector: "As in all fields, all issues are solved by qualified personnel in medicine. In this regard, the words of the great scientist Hippocrates: "Medicine is the most difficult and honorable of all sciences and crafts" is true. Therefore, today we are paying special attention to increasing the number of medical educational institutions, training personnel with deep knowledge and skills, high moral qualities. For example, in the last five years, 6 new medical universities were established, bringing their total number to 14, and the admission quota increased 4 times.

In order to ensure the guaranteed supply of qualified specialists to the regions, based on the order of the regions, the admission to address studies was launched, and the implementation of the "Village Doctor" program for graduates going to work in remote and remote villages was started. Also, 1,500 doctors improved their qualifications at prestigious foreign clinics and universities.

As a result of changes in the climate and the lifestyle of the population (inactivity, poor nutrition), the number of diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and diabetes is increasing. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from such diseases are registered in our country every year. However, due to the lack of inpatient treatment departments for such diseases in district hospitals, patients are forced to go to regional and republican hospitals.

Now the population will be able to get specialized medical care for these diseases in the place where they live. In particular, in 2022, 10 percent of the places in district central hospitals will be allocated for neurology, endocrinology, and cardiology diseases and will be financed from the budget. This indicator will reach 20% in 2023."

Feeling that these tasks and instructions of the President are primarily for human welfare, health, stability of families, peace of our lives, perfection of our dear children, our hearts rise like a mountain.

During these days, all our compatriots, big and small, open their hearts wide and celebrate Navruz, a symbol of spring, life and renewal,  by saying "Welcome to our country, Navruz olam!"  he is welcoming with joy. "Why do we always miss Nowruz and look forward to it? It is natural to ask why this day has become our favorite and most honored holiday for all of us.

The reason for this is that Navrozi is the oldest, original national holiday for us, free from different ideologies and policies, and it corresponds to our traditions and values. Why, Navroz is valuable to us because it encourages us to live in harmony with our soul and ideas, feeling that every person is an inseparable part of mother earth and nature, how beautiful nature is.

In this unique and charming season, with the arrival of soft breezes and the opening of the buds, it is as if spring rushes into the human body. All of us feel alive, full of energy, enthusiasm and enthusiasm, we feel that we are an integral and inseparable part of nature. Our people, regardless of which nationality and people they represent, are in a festive mood and spend this wonderful day with great joy and pride. On such occasions, not only acquaintances, but also strangers are welcomed and embraced, wishing them health, happiness and good luck.

In this regard, let's make a hypothesis: if the tensions, conflicts and confrontations that are increasingly escalating in the international arena today, the prevention of ongoing bloodshed, and the resolution of emerging problems only through peace and political negotiations, the world would be a better place. If our people, who have seen a lot these days, experienced many trials, always keep goodness and goodness in their hearts, and are kind, would ask, on the eve of the new year, what are your best intentions for the new year, our people, never without hesitation, it is inevitable that he will answer that we need peace, health, happiness, bliss, luck and safety.

The reason and roots of such unanimity can be seen first of all in our ancient history, in our multifaceted great culture, in the priceless heritage left by our great scientists and thinkers who made an indelible contribution to universal development, when our motherland has been a center of knowledge, spirituality and enlightenment for many times. On top of that, the nobleness, tolerance, humanity and kindness that have belonged to our people since time immemorial, supporting the needy, receiving the prayers of the elderly, patting the head of the orphans, etc. it's no secret that he left.

All these have been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries, enriched, and eventually turned into noble human concepts and became a solid foundation for the spiritual and practical outlook of our people. Naturally, our people, who have such noble, unique characteristics and qualities, who live with pure dreams and aspirations, who want peace and security, a clear sky for themselves, their country and people, without a doubt, should maintain their relations with their near and far neighbors on the basis of mutual respect, friendship, solidarity is built on the basis of consideration of each other's interests. And he considers it his sacred duty to save our country and its people from any calamities. In recent years, the rapidly changing and increasingly complicated era has affected all of us, first of all, Our youth, who are our support and support, are facing tasks such as deep acquisition of modern knowledge and professions, intellectual knowledge, at the same time, raising the competitiveness of our country to a new level in the international arena, renewing, modernizing and diversifying our economy, turning these into the locomotive of our development. We definitely believe that our patriotic, patriot, talented young people are capable of justifying the trust of our people and our country in order to achieve these huge and urgent goals. is setting the task of turning these into locomotives of our development. We definitely believe that our patriotic, patriot, talented young people are capable of justifying the trust of our people and our country in order to achieve these huge and urgent goals. is setting the task of turning these into locomotives of our development. We definitely believe that our patriotic, patriot, talented young people are capable of justifying the trust of our people and our country in order to achieve these huge and urgent goals.

Navruz will soon come to our country. This auspicious holiday is becoming the essence of our spiritual life. Nowruz songs begin in our southern regions and cover the whole country and our hearts. May the good intentions and prayers of our elders be answered on this holiday, may our independent Motherland become more prosperous and beautiful. Do not disturb our peace.


Khudoyar MAMATOV

Doctor of legal sciences, professor

Head of the Secretariat of the Central Election Commission

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