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Meeting with the OSCE ODIHR Election Observation Mission




On 8 June, the Central Election Commission hosted a meeting with representatives of the core team of the OSCE ODIHR Election Observation Mission for the early presidential elections in Uzbekistan. During the meeting, CEC Chairperson, Z. Nizamkhodjaev, had a dialogue with the Head of Mission, Ambassador Ursula Jozefa Hacek, her deputy - Aliksij Lichkovah - and Mission experts - Anna Melikyan and Masha Januszewicz.

During the meeting, the CEC Chairperson, Z. Nizamkhodjaev, noted that the election campaign for the early presidential elections is gaining momentum these days and the CEC is consistently coordinating this responsible process in line with the Election Code.

In particular, it was highlighted that 14 districts and 10,784 polling stations had been formed following the Calendar Plan for the early presidential elections in Uzbekistan, the Press Center and Information Center (e.g., Call-Center) of the CEC have been established, 229 media representatives have been accredited and some other works are underway together with partner organizations.

It was also noted that to ensure openness and transparency in the preparations for and conduct of the elections, information on the process, phases, and schedule of events is promptly communicated to voters and political parties through the CEC official website and other media.

In addition, the meeting focused on implementing recommendations of the OSCE ODIHR EOM reports into national legislation and practice and improving the legal framework for elections.

As noted by Ambassador Ursula Jozefa Gacek, Head of Mission, the core team of the ODIHR Mission will consist of experienced experts, including political, legal, media, and electoral analysts, ODIHR staff and consultants.

It was also pointed out that in addition to the сore team of experts, long-term and short-term observers will join the Mission, and satisfaction was expressed about strengthening practical cooperation with the OSCE/ODIHR.

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