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Representatives of the Central Election Commission participate in a Virtual Roundtable
On April 20, 2022, at the initiative of the International Center for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS), a virtual roundtable was held on the topic. “The Role of Social Media in an Election: How will this change in the 2030s?”

The online event, organized on the Zoom platform, was attended by more than 100 specialists and experts from the electoral authorities, as well as representatives of the Press Service of the Central Election Commission.

The agenda of the online roundtable included topics such as social media strategies in the 2030s, changes in the virtual world, new forms of disinformation and how to deal with them, and solutions to future problems of social networks.

The webinar will play an important role in the next decade in developing modern strategies for social media, combating modern forms of disinformation, and increasing the knowledge of election management to ensure transparency of information that builds confidence.


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