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We extend our sincere gratitude to the members of all district and precinct election commissions, as well as ministries, departments, organizations and other officials, especially the mass media, who made a worthy contribution to the preparation for the presidential elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan and holding it in accordance with national electoral legislation and international standards.

Despite the difficult situation caused by the pandemic, on October 24 for the first time more than 16 million or 80,4% of voters freely expressed their will in an open presidential election, held in accordance with the Election Code, based on alternative and democratic principles.

This is, primarily a vivid evidence of the bold democratic reforms being carried out in our country, as well as the implementation of tasks set in the Action Strategy.

At the same time, this is a great success achieved by continuous efforts of tens of thousands of our compatriots, who mobilized their knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to organize elections at a high level. Naturally, the brunt of this noble and responsible process lies on the election commissions.

The missions of international organizations observed with great interest the presidential elections, approximately thousand external observers and hundreds of foreign journalists emphasized significant changes in the country’s electoral legislation and practice in a short period of time: Uzbekistan has a modern and stable national electoral system that holds free and democratic elections!

The presidential election, held in a real competitive environment, is another clear manifestation of the fact that the people of multi-ethnic Uzbekistan are a great nation capable of feats!

It should be mentioned that presidential elections have further raised the prestige of the Uzbek national statehood, New Uzbekistan. This is a significant factor that serves today’s development and a bright future for our country.

We wish you all sound health, success in your work for the benefit of our dear Motherland, the well-being of our people, happiness, peace and tranquility!